Adjustable Telescopic Duster Brush ✨ Limited Time Sale! ✨

Adjustable Telescopic Duster Brush ✨ Limited Time Sale! ✨

Adjustable Telescopic Duster Brush ✨ Limited Time Sale! ✨

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Adjustable Telescopic Duste...


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This adjustable telescopic duster brush is the best duster you will ever own. With an extendable handle and flexible brush head, you can now say goodbye to climbing on chairs. Just to reach high windows, cove lights, and ceiling fans. Get rid of unsightly cobwebs in a flash! Suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Get yours today for a dust-free living!


Out of sight, out of mind. Hard-to-reach high places are often ignored when cleaning. During your routine cleaning, these places are the ones you routinely skipped. These untouched places accumulate dust/dust mites that can cause allergies and asthma. It is important to regularly give a personal touch to these places. To improve your home's health and aesthetic for everyone's benefit.

However, the hassle involved in bringing out the ladder or the risk you put yourself into. Such as tiptoeing on a stool or climbing on chairs might result in you putting off the chore day after day. You are delaying it not because you don't have the heart for it, but you lack a useful tool.

With the problem in mind, we introduce this extendable duster. Designed for high-level cleaning. You can now clean with ease. And more importantly, it is so easy to use that you can frequently use it to avoid any dust build-up.

✅ The telescopic handle can be extended to 95" (240cm) for tall coverage. It can be collapsed to 30" (80cm) for regular usage.
✅ The brush head can be bent freely to conform to your cleaning needs and any tight spaces.
✅ The brush head is made of ultra-fine fibers with extra strong adsorption capability. It that traps dust and minimizes dust clouds.
✅ Stainless steel rod to ensure lasting use and no rust
✅ Duster head can be detached for easy washing (use warm water and mild soap for best result)
✅ Easy wash easy dry ultra-fine fibers brush head.


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