Natural Anti-Smoking Patches (Box of 35 Pcs) ⚠️ STOCKS RUN OUT FAST! ⚠️

Natural Anti-Smoking Patches (Box of 35 Pcs) ⚠️ STOCKS RUN OUT FAST! ⚠️
Natural Anti-Smoking Patches (Box of 35 Pcs) ⚠️ STOCKS RUN OUT FAST! ⚠️
Natural Anti-Smoking Patches (Box of 35 Pcs) ⚠️ STOCKS RUN OUT FAST! ⚠️

Natural Anti-Smoking Patches (Box of 35 Pcs) ⚠️ STOCKS RUN OUT FAST! ⚠️

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Natural Anti-Smoking Patche...



Our Natural Anti-Smoking Patches are a revolutionary new treatment that uses a blend of natural oils to reduce nicotine receptors in the brain curbing cravings without feeding the addiction.

A smoker can smoke while using the patch, but they will notice that the cigarette isn't as enjoyable. Within 14 Days, as nicotine receptors decrease, they will lose their desire to smoke.

Tested clinically by doctors worldwide. Our Natural Anti-Smoking Patches serve as a chemical-free substitute for smoking. Unlike most products that promote the quitting of smoking. Whether you are 24 or 84, your body can cleanse itself and repair the damage done by years of smoking.

  • Proven to reduce nicotine dependence in longterm smokers.
  • Simple and immediate results - Just paste the patch onto the wrist, arm, or chest and allow the natural ingredients to diffuse into your body. 
  • The powerful herbal blend includes all-natural tobacco extracts, licorice, clove, menthol, citric acid, and hops.

  1. Clean the application area.
  2. Remove the anti-adhesion back from the patch.
  3. Press the patch evenly onto the skin’s surface.
  4. Repeat twice daily, once after waking up, and once midday.
  5. Remove the patch before going to bed.
  6. 28 days for one period of treatment.

  • Material: Non-woven Fabric
  • Main Ingredient: Natural Tobacco Extract and Licorice
  • Product Size: 5 * 5cm / 2 * 2in
  • Box Size: 9 * 8 * 1cm / 3.5 * 3.1 * 0.4 in (L * W * H)
  • Whole Weight: 38g / 1.3oz   
  • Package List: 1 * Box / 35 Pcs

"These work just as well as the name brand patches for taking the edge off from nicotine withdrawal. I noticed instant results just after 1 week! They are smaller than the name brand patches and they adhere better to your skin. I have showered with these on with no issues of them coming off. I have worked out, sweating heavily, and no issues. No issues with them coming off while I sleep either. I bought one box, used them for a day or two, and ordered another box while they still had the 50% off sale because I liked them so much!" - Mitch W

  1. For external use only
  2. Avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes rash, wound, or damaged skin.
  3. If excessive redness or irritation, please stop use and ask a doctor.
  4. Pregnant or breast-feeding women are forbidden to use.
  5. Keep out of the reach of children.


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