✨50% OFF TODAY! ✨ LuxePen™ Mahogany Business Fountain Pen

✨50% OFF TODAY! ✨ LuxePen™ Mahogany Business Fountain Pen
✨50% OFF TODAY! ✨ LuxePen™ Mahogany Business Fountain Pen
✨50% OFF TODAY! ✨ LuxePen™ Mahogany Business Fountain Pen
✨50% OFF TODAY! ✨ LuxePen™ Mahogany Business Fountain Pen

✨50% OFF TODAY! ✨ LuxePen™ Mahogany Business Fountain Pen

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✨50% OFF TODAY! ✨ LuxePen™ ...

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Great fountain pens don't have to be expensive!🖋️

Discover LuxePen™ Mahogany Business Fountain Pen. With a classic wood design and intricate gold pattern, this fountain pen is certainly a joy to write with.

  • Medium nib for a smooth writing experience
  • Built from a metal body
  • Includes a piston-style refillable ink converter to use with any fountain pen ink

Made from a high-quality metal body, this pen is supremely durable. The lines etched into the pen increase grip. It also allows for hours of comfortable writing. It has a built-in piston-ink converter. Refill your LuxePen™ as many times as you'd like with any ink you fancy.

Is this pen suitable for a gift?

Yes, LuxePen™ makes a great gift. It's beautifully designed, durable, and easy to use for everybody. In fact, we recommend purchasing a bundle to share with your friends and loved ones!

What is the theLuxePen™ made from?

LuxePen™ is made from premium metals and plastics. Ensure a durable and convenient design.

How do I refill my fountain pen ink?

  1. Unscrew the main barrel casing to access the ink converter
  2. Twist the converter's plunger until it reaches the bottom (closest to the nib)
  3. Dip the nib's tip into a bottle of fountain pen ink
  4. Raise the converter's plunger by twisting the black handle in the opposite direction. You'll see ink rise into the pen.
  5. Screw the main barrel casing back onto the pen

Can I get it with blue ink?

Yes, LuxePen™ comes with an ink converter. This means you can use your own fountain pen ink of choice and it can be any color. Plus, you can refill it as many times as you like.

How do I install the ink converter?

Your new LuxePen™ comes pre-installed with a piston ink converter. This can easily be attached or reattached by pulling it out of the pen or pushing it back in. There will be an audible clicking sound when properly inserted.

Can I use a converter with this fountain pen?

Yes, LuxePen™ can use an ink converter. In fact, it comes pre-installed with a piston-style converter for easy ink refills. Simply unscrew the casing, dip the nib into a bottle of fountain pen ink, and load the piston with ink.

Why should I use a fountain pen to write?

LuxePen™ provides a more enjoyable writing experience. It is smooth, requires zero pressure. It is a beautiful writing instrument worth admiring. Additionally, there are countless bottles of ink you can use with your fountain pen to enjoy. If you want something stylish and minimizes hand cramps, a fountain pen is a must-try.

Why is my fountain pen ink not coming out?

If your fountain pen's ink cartridge is filled, ink should start flowing as soon as your nib touches the paper. However, with a 100% brand new LuxePen™ nib, it can take some time for the ink to flow to the nib and saturate it. To help speed up the process, position your brand new fountain pen vertically (nib down) and wait several minutes.

If you used fountain pens in the past or have always wanted to try them, our affordable yet silky-smooth fountain pens are for you.


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