E-Horn™ 🔥 Selling Extremely Fast 🔥

E-Horn™ 🔥 Selling Extremely Fast 🔥
E-Horn™ 🔥 Selling Extremely Fast 🔥
E-Horn™ 🔥 Selling Extremely Fast 🔥
E-Horn™ 🔥 Selling Extremely Fast 🔥
E-Horn™ 🔥 Selling Extremely Fast 🔥
E-Horn™ 🔥 Selling Extremely Fast 🔥

E-Horn™ 🔥 Selling Extremely Fast 🔥

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E-Horn™ 🔥 Selling Extremely...


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📣First Car-Like Horn for Bicycles!🚴‍♂️

Imagine if you could have the simple control of a car/motorbike horn on your bike. If only there was a way to honk at inconsiderate drivers who bully-and-run in rush hours!

×8 higher in males, 75% bicyclist deaths occur in urban areas, with 'dangers accountable to no-bell' (NHTSA, 2017)

The unique car-power Bike E-Horn 4.0 is not only the loudest bicycle horn. It is also your safest riding bet! It packs 125 dB car window-penetrating of familiar horn-sound to people in the car and jaywalkers!

E-Horn™ rings 3x louder & generates actual road-car honk sound! Is shouting really an option for you, riding in an Urban city? That's just useless + icky! Try something classier for a change! This electric Bike Horn is proven to work in all-weather commutes from Midtown Manhattan to Downtown Brooklyn. 

Make your rides fun with 3 different sound options!

Raining? No problem! We’ve made this weather-resistant for you!

The new Bike E-Horn is not only loud. It is lightweight high-impact engineering thermoABS polycarbonate. It will never compromise on your efficiency. The 280 mAh battery will keep you charged for the road!

It hangs downward. So the small 49mm x 66mm size leaves plenty of empty space on your handle-bar! It's not a bell; it's you on the road through rushing and honking cars. Keep your minimalist style. And honk those jay-walkers and car-bullies away!

Sound like a car. Ride safe.

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✔️ Proven to Alert Cars and Jaywalkers
✔️ The Only Proper Electric Car-Horn
✔️ Dynamic Actual Horn Sound (125 dB)
✔️ Premium ThermoABS Polycarbonate
✔️ Lithium Battery: 1 Charge = 6 Months, Honking >20 Times/Day
✔️ Lithium-Ion Charging Capacity: 300+ Times (Total of 150 years)
✔️ USB ("Android") Rechargeable
✔️ IP65 Weatherproof Material
✔️ Light Weight (40g), Small (49mm x 66mm)
✔️ Easiest Installation: Universal Strap (22 - 31.8mm Handlebar)


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